The Vision of Drone Protected Homes

The Vision of Drone Protected Homes
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The Vision of Drone Protected Homes

Residential Security Drones Flying in

A gyrocopter drone with a camera attached to itJust imagine that in the not-so-far future there will be little helicopter-like drones hovering above every your home, occasionally going on patrol routes, spotting suspicious activities from an elevated vantage point. This may sound like a sci-fi story – probably with Skynet involved in it – but be assured, as drone-enhanced home security systems will become reality in the not so distant future.

As it is for now, people see drones as mere toys, used by tech-lovers and photographers. The truth is, just like many other innovations used in our everyday life (i.e. the Internet, and the microwave), drones also originate from the military. They are the expandable reckon soldiers who scout hostile territories or guard the outskirts of a camp. This proves that quadcopters are meant for security purposes, and they’ll be just as useful for the civil sector.

The Vision of Drone Protected Homes

So what is this drone business all about? Quadcopters are relatively small devices, designed to fly and hover in the air. Although they’re capable of carrying small-caliber weapons, a camera is more fitting for home-defense purposes. In the future, drones will have similar roles as indoor and outdoor security cameras. Armed with an HD camera, they’ll patrol a set route above the establishment. One moving drone is going to replace several cameras, as it can visit several strategic points on its patrol. Burglars won’t be able to cut its wires or steal the hardware. You can also set it to wandering mode, which ensures that the flight pattern is random, so criminals won’t be able to memorize the routine.

A quadcopter armed with a camera flying on the sky

Keeping it up in the air 24/7 obviously demands huge battery power, thus it’s more reasonable to keep it in standby mode and the quadcopter only takes off when an infrared sensor detects unauthorized movement around the house. The concept is a clear proof that drones won’t replace traditional sensor-based alarms, but rather enhance their capabilities.

The Alpha Quadcopter

“That sounds awesome! Where can I get one for myself?” you may ask. Well, drone technology is still taking its first baby steps (or flights rather), and the technology isn’t integrated into any home security package at the moment. However, several clever innovations have been submitted for crowdfunding. The Alpha quadcopter is one fine example…