Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems are Crucial in the Protection of your Business and Home

We monitor all types of both commercial and residential fire alarm systems and security systems in the greater Austin area. We’re known as one of the best monitoring stations in the nation, but choose to serve only our local community. We have over three decades of experience designing, installing, monitoring, and servicing security systems. We provide a one stop, local resource for all your security needs.

We will monitor and service any existing fire and life safety system.

We’re Available to Monitor Your Existing Fire Alarm System or Purchase New Hardware

Best of all, we don’t require contracts or credit reports and we have no cancellation fees.

If you would like to install a new fire and life safety system at your residence, you can purchase it right here online. We’ll come out and install it, and monitor it, protecting your family and your assets against devastating losses.

If you would like a new commercial fire and life safety system, we are happy to come out and review your needs. We are fully licensed and qualified to design, install and monitor a fire and life safety systems but they cannot be purchased online due to our local fire standards and codes.

We offer flexible, straightforward security monitoring solutions that defend your property against many types of hazards including fire.

SMS is a fully redundant fire alarm and security monitoring facility, specializing in electronic safety and security systems monitoring. We simply offer you the very best safety and security with the most conscientious monitoring of your home or commercial security system.

Business Fire Alarm System

SMS is fully licensed and qualified to design, install, and monitor your new commercial fire system.

Purchase a New Business Fire Alarm System

Business fire alarm systems require the approval of your local AHJ or authority with the jurisdiction and must meet all the fire codes and standards specific to your local fire department. This is not our rule; we are fully compliant with Austin and national regulations.
Commercial Fire Systems cannot be purchased online.

Austin Central Monitoring is fully licensed and qualified to design, install, and monitor a new fire alarm system for your business, but this cannot be done online. Email or call us to discuss how you can get the protection you need from our professionals. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with your business fire alarm needs.

Home Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Systems are part and parcel of any good home intrusion detection system.

Purchase a New Home Fire Alarm System

Home Fire Systems are part and parcel of any good home intrusion detection system.

We proudly serve the Austin community with home and life safety solutions. To purchase a new home fire alarm system, proceed to the Intrusion & Fire Detection System page, and you will find the fire system products you’re looking for in this location.
There are no additional monitoring fees for adding fire products to your home intrusion system. They are included in your intrusion monitoring price.

If you are adding on a fire system to your existing intrusion detection system, make sure to select then purchase your home fire alarm systems products. Make sure that the products you add onto your system match how your current system communicates, determine whether your system is wireless or hardwired. If you have any questions or doubts about this, your experts are standing by via phone or email to answer your questions. We strive to secure and protect every home and that is why we offer fire alarm systems for every budget.

We can easily install additional products to any existing security system.