Access Control Systems

Access Control Solutions for Austin Businesses

Access control manages who has access to sensitive or critical areas of your facility or campus. Take control of your location and protect your employees and assets from harm or theft. Our hosted access control solutions give you the power to limit who and when authorized entry is granted.

If you have an existing system that you would like us to manage, you can sign up to have us provide complete and on-going programming, monitoring and database management of your access system. This includes providing you with organized reports on any activity within your system.

We have been designing, installing, monitoring and managing access control solutions for our corporate clients in the Austin area for decades. Let us put that experience to work for you and your business. Our flexible solutions do not require a contract and there are no hidden fees.

How Do Access Control Systems Work?

Individuals who are given permission to access a controlled area are issued an access badge . When the badge presented to a card reader that is installed outside an electronically locked door the individual is allowed access and the electronic door will unlock. If someone is no longer allowed access, their badge will no longer work, and provide alerts or audit trails of their attempt to enter the area. If any unauthorized person tries to enter a controlled area, door will simply not open. Alarms are generated if the door is forced opened.

The access control system keeps record who accessed the controlled area at all times. This record keeping provides an audit trail of badge holders. The audit trail is useful for the tracking the following items

  • Store Open & Closing
  • Employee clock in & out
  • Attempted access to unauthorized areas such as:
    • Pharmacy Med Storage
    • Medical Records Room
    • HR File Rooms
    • Accounting Records Storage
    • Data centers
    • Critical Infrastructure


Hosted Access Control Advantages

Our hosted access control platform provides many advantages over a traditional “in house” solution.

We manage all aspect of the platform from database backup and recovery to card holder administration. Our factory certified administrators and engineers work with you planing and implanting schedules and area access configurations.

You will no longer have to worry about your aging your server OS or expired software support licenses. This approach keeps your IT and office personal focused on keeping your business systems secure and stable instead of getting side tracked managing your “in house” system. Contact us today for more information.

2-Door Access Control System

Provides you with full access control of two doors in your location.

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4-Door Access Control

Provides you with full access control of four doors in your location.

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