A credential is the badge that is swiped or read by your access control reader which authorizes your electronic doors to open, so your employee or credentialed individual can enter your facilities, building, gates, doors, or controlled areas.

The Security of your Business, Employees and Critical Assets Depend on the Advanced Technology of Access Control Cards

We help you manage and limit entry to increase convenience and deter problems before they occur. How do access control cards work?

Security access cards are the badges that are swiped or read by your access control reader, which authorizes your doors to open and enables your employees or credentialed personnel to enter your facilities.

Security access cards create a simple yet effective way to control who has access to your building. What are the key features and benefits of employee badges?

– Helps reduce violence, threat and other vulnerabilities
– Allows for flexible and customizable security measures, such as time of entry
– Protection that you can scale up as needed
– Helps reduce management & key costs
– State-of-the-art data security
– Local Austin support

Ask our team of experts how you can integrate our solutions with an existing access control infrastructure or plan your security access system from scratch.

Standard Proximity Badge

Dual Technology Badge

Standard Proximity Badge - with Photo Surface

Dual Technology Badge - with Photo Surface