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About Us

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About Us

Security Management Services, or SMS, is a locally-owned and operated Alarm Monitoring facility, right in the heart of Austin, Texas.
SMS designs, installs, maintains and monitors security systems 24-7-365 days a year.

Not sure what type of security system and monitoring package is best for you? Feel free to contact our specialists. We proudly monitor and secure the greater Austin area.

SMS can easily and efficiently monitor your security system, no matter its size or complexity.

Security systems are made up of a series of electronic sensors and detectors that communicate with us here at our locally owned and operated monitoring, installation and service station.

Every sensor is programmed to detect different actions that manage different risks, such as glass breaking, doors being opened, smoke, fire or motion in an area that should be empty. When you combine series of sensors together, they create unique security systems based on your individual risks and needs.

We can monitor existing security systems for both residential and commercial customers or monitor new security systems that you can purchase right here on this site. Our systems include:

*Intrusion Detection Systems
*Fire and Life Safety Systems
*Access Control
*Live Streaming Video Monitoring System

These systems communicate with our monitoring station three different ways.

*A Phone Line
*An Internet Connection
*A Wireless Radio Signal

Using a wireless radio signal as a backup to your phone line or internet connection ensures your systems will continue to communicate with us 24/7/365.

Our trained professional monitoring agents receive these electronic alerts from your security system and respond in whatever way you have requested us to respond.

*Contacting Emergency Personnel
*Contacting You
*Contacting family, friends or neighbors
*All of the above

Unlike other monitoring faculties, we require *no contracts, no credit reports and don’t have any cancellation fees. * Our goal is make security safe, easy to use, affordable and trouble free for our customers.

To have our local facility protect your family, your home, your employees and your business proceed to;

*Monitor my existing system

*Purchase a new system

If you’re looking for a system and don’t see it listed here, email us or call SMS and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Who is SMS?

From our neighborhood to yours, SMS provides exceptional alarm monitoring to the greater Austin area. We have over three decades of experience serving a wide spectrum of customers, from large commercial clients to residential customers. Our commitment and sense of urgency ensures the protection of your property and personal safety.

Our Specialty Goes Beyond Alarm Monitoring

SMS is unique in that we customize a solution for your specific needs. We design, install, maintain and monitor your security systems 24-7-365 days a year. Our expertise also allows us to offer services in intrusion detection, video, access control, fire, and life safety systems. Best of all, we deliver a turnkey solution: purchase your systems and leave it to our experts to monitor and maintain them so you can rest assured you are protected at all times.

    Why Choose SMS?

    Our technology, backed by our highly trained in-house team, allows for faster response times and added protection. Enjoy the comfort of our 24/7, around the clock Austin area security. Protection is just one click or call away. Our monitoring facility is state-of-the-art, with both battery and diesel generators that ensure uninterrupted power for our mission critical operations. Our professional monitoring agents quickly and effectively respond to any alarms we receive from any security system that we monitor.

    Unlike similar providers, our user-friendly systems and alarm monitoring services require NO CREDIT REPORTS, NO CONTRACTS and NO CANCELLATION FEES. We’re here to serve you, to protect you, and to provide you with the peace of mind that your family, employees, home and your commercial locations are safe and secure at all times.

      Our Dedication to your Protection

      SMS customers can enjoy the comfort of knowing their home, business and assets are safe and secure at all times—a feeling that is priceless. We install only the best security equipment, selected with the highest standards of reliability. Our professional team guides you along the process, from recommending alarm systems to answering questions once your system has been installed.