Video Management

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Video Managment Services

  • Electronic key cards, key fobs, and cell phones can be programmed allowing people to swipe readers and gain access to doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators and more.
  • Access levels can be granted per user to specified areas at designated times.
  • Our service assists you in ordering electronic key cards, programing them with access and reassigning or deactivating cards as needed.
  • Operators monitor your doors, rooms, gates, turnstiles, elevators and more, while providing assistance if needed to immediately lock or unlock any areas when requested by authorized people and card holders.
  • Doors and devices can have time & date schedules for automated unlocking and locking.
  • Environmental controls and lighting can also be setup and automated.
  • Reports can be generated showing who accessed designated areas for specific times and dates.
  • Your plan is tailored to the systems installed and the monitoring you require so you only pay for what you need!
  • Our professional installers can setup your existing systems for access & monitoring if they are compatible with our server systems or we can install new systems for you.

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