Fire & Life Safety

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SMS Professional Services

  • Operators monitor all your fire, panic and call buttons providing assistance when alarms trigger to immediately dispatch Fire, Medical or Police Departments needed.
  • Environmental controls can also be setup and monitored.
  • Reports can be generated showing events with time and dates.
  • Our service provides full systems ordering and installation with complete setup and testing.
  • NFPA compliance on all devices installed that meets or exceeds fire standards
  • SMS technicians perform the required annual fire systems inspections and tests per the Texas state law for fire and code regulations.
  • Our professional installers can setup your existing systems for monitoring if they are compatible with our Central Monitoring Centers or we can install new systems for you as needed.
  • Your plan is tailored to the systems installed and the monitoring for them so you only pay for what your facilities use!

Fire & Life Safety Systems

Whether it's a home or business fire system, our licensed professional technicians can inspect your current systems to see if they can be used with our monitoring service or upgraded and newer systems can be installed as needed.
Home and business fire systems generally consist of smoke detectors in every room, and additionally may contain heat & gas detectors. Business & big industry systems often require additional things such as emergency lights, sirens, fire suppression systems, extenguishers, emergency fire pulls, panic
buttons and control panels. To help estimate costs for installing systems you can use our convenient contact form to request a visit from our technicians to review your systems and provide a free quote. Once your systems are ready for monitoring, they will communicate with our Central Centers and your service is billed at our standard monthly fire systems monitoring charge of just $34.95/mo.

Features & Options

  • Professional Hardware Installations
  • Emergency Buttons for Fire, Medical, and Calls
  • Smoke & Heat Detectors
  • Co2 & Gas Detectors
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Lights, Flashers and Strobes
  • Audible Sirens, Horns and Alarms
  • Fire Pulls, Glass & Cabinet enclosures
  • Controller Panels & Wiring

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