License Plate Recognition

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License Plate Recognition Services

  • Advance license plate recognition provides businesses and property owners with a 24-hour log of vehicle entry and exit
  • Blacklist notification alerting
  • Car Make & Model, Speed & Direction are all available options with Open ALPR
  • Reporting of activity and vehicle details
  • Plate retention time is configurable and can be set to any value between 30 days and 2.5 years
  • OpenALPR connects to any IP camera that supports H.264 and MJPEG streams
  • License plate captures can be setup to record on disk and can be reviewed on cell phones, tablets and computers via a web interface
  • Action alarms can be setup to immediately alert on cell phones, tablets and computers
  • Services we can provide may include purchasing and deployment of high quality cameras to capture license plates, recording and retention of license plates to your Network Video Recorders or as a fee based service to our secure Data Centers, setup of your devices to receive action alerts and configurations of web interfaces for you to review captured plates and pull reports
  • SMS services provided are tailored to your needs so you only pay for the things you require

Open ALPR System

Open ALPR:
OpenALPR is an open source Automatic License Plate Recognition library. The library analyzes images and video streams to identify license plates. The output is the text representation of any license plate characters.
The software can be used in many different ways. For example, with OpenALPR, you can recognize license plates from camera streams. The results are browsable, searchable, and can trigger alerts. The data repository can be in the cloud
or stored entirely within your on-site network. The results can be sent to your own application. The software can process a video file, store the license plate results in a CSV and SQLite databases, analyze still images from the command-line and integrate license plate recognition into your application directly in-code (C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, Python, Node.js)
Cloud API:
The OpenALPR Cloud API is a web-based service that analyzes images for license plates as well as vehicle information such as make, model, and color. The Cloud API service is integrated into your application via a web-based REST service. When you send image data to the OpenALPR API, data is processed and return JSON data describing the license plate and vehicle is provided.

Features & Options

  • High Quality Camera Installations
  • Optional car detail abilities, make, model & color
  • Web Interface and User Account Setup
  • Recording to your Network Video Recorders
  • Optional fee based recording to our Data Centers
  • Action Alerts sent to Cell Phones, Tablets & PCs
  • Monthly SMS service plan options for your needs

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