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Big Industry Monitoring & Security

  • Operators provide real-time monitoring of your facilities burglar & fire alarms, access control systems, panic buttons, medical alarms and any other system you need.
  • When alarms activate, we take immediate action to contact you, your facility, and all other people on your emergency contact list.
  • Your monitoring plan includes immediate police & fire dispatch, Operator assistance that responds to emergencies, elevator & panic call buttons, lock down or open doors, and more.
  • Access Control Systems can be installed allowing electronic card access for doors, elevators, gates, parking garages, turnstiles and more.
  • Security Systems arm/disarm automatically as needed. Lights, controls, air conditioners and more can be monitored and automated. Operators can remotely update time schedules and user codes whenever you need.
  • Did somebody forget their access card? Did you need a door, gate or elevator door opened on the spot? No problem, call in, and verified people can have an Operator open the door, gate or area as requested.
  • We offer professional installations and monitoring of all systems including intercom communications, fire, burglar, access control, and of course video cameras and evidence recording systems.
  • We provide Hosted Monitoring of Utilities and Industrial Facilities offering security & fire systems, video cameras & life safety systems, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  • Burglar alarm monitoring only is just $24.95/month.
  • Burglar & Fire alarm monitoring is $34.95/month which includes both services.
  • Your plan can be optimized with additional services that your facility needs and charged according to your specialized plan ensuring you only pay for the services that you need.
  • Our Plans have NO contracts, NO credit checks, and NO cancellation fees!
  • See general information below for more detail on the services we can offer you.

Security & Alarm Systems

Security systems include keypad alarm panels for arming & disarming doors and rooms, door sensors to detect door breaches, motion detectors and glass break sensors on all windows.
Your fire detection system can be monitored 24/7 by our Operators, along with all other services including devices such as smoke & heat detectors and may include other options such as gas detectors for carbon monoxide or substances can also be installed.
Critical systems you may also want would include emergency door/room lock-down devices and services in the event of a school threat, electronic card badges for door/elevator access control, life safety options such as medical and police panic buttons, video cameras, license plate capture and recording, automated environmental controls and any other services that may be important for your facility.

We provide many services to fit your needs

Intrusion Systems

Fire Systems

  • Security System Panels
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Motion Detection Sensors
  • Wireless Options
  • Phone App Control Options
  • Automated Lock & Unlock Schedules
  • Window Stickers & Yard Signs
  • Smoke & Heat Detector Options
  • Carbon Monoxide/Gas Sensors
  • Fire Extinguisher Options
  • Siren Bells & Horns
  • Emergency Lights
  • Phone App Monitoring & Alerting

Video Systems

Access Control & More

  • Camera & Recorder Installations
  • Parking Lot, Building & Gate Cameras
  • Video Evidence Recording Services
  • Cell Phone Video Monitoring
  • Motion Trigger Recording
  • License Plate Capture & Recording
  • Classroom, Hallway, Parking and Entry
  • Electronic Card Access Control
  • Elevator Access & Emergency Call Button
  • Environmental Building Controls
  • Fire, Medical & Police Panic Buttons
  • Alarm Sirens, Bells & Horns
  • Emergency Lights & Flashers
  • Critical Phone & Intercom Systems
  • Emergency Door/Room Lock-Down Devices

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