Residential and Community Plans

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Residential Monitoring & Security

  • We provide Hosted Monitoring of your security, fire, emergency & life safety systems, 24 hours a day.
  • Operators monitor burglar alarms, fire system, medical & panic buttons, or any other system you need. When alarms activate, we take action to contact you, and other people you've listed.
  • Police, fire or medical services may be dispatched immediately as needed or requested.
  • Burglar alarm monitoring only is just $24.95/month.
  • Burglar & Fire alarm monitoring is $34.95/month which includes both services.
  • Our Plans have NO contracts, NO credit checks, and NO cancellation fees!
  • Our professional installers can configure your existing system for monitoring if it's compatible or install a new system for you.

Security & Alarm Systems

A basic security system should include at least one alarm panel near the front door allowing you to arm & disarm the security system, door sensors on all exterior doors to detect if a door has been opened and glass break sensors for all your windows.
Additionally it's a good idea to have a fire detection system with smoke detectors in all rooms and ideally monitored with our service to allow the fire department to be dispatched.
Other enhancements could provide life safety options like video cameras, carbon monoxide & motion sensors and panic buttons which allow police, fire or medical services to be dispatched with the simple press of button.

Intrusion Systems

Fire Systems

  • Security System Panels
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Motion Detection Sensors
  • Wireless Options
  • Phone App Control Options
  • Fire, Medical & Police Buttons
  • Window Stickers & Yard Signs
  • Smoke & Heat Detector Options
  • Carbon Monoxide/Gas Sensors
  • Fire Extinguisher Options
  • Siren Bells & Horns
  • Emergency Lights
  • Phone App Monitoring & Alerting

Video Systems

Panic & Other Options

  • Camera & Recorder Installations
  • Porch, Yard & Gate Cameras
  • Video Evidence Recording Services
  • Cell Phone Video Monitoring Options
  • Recording On Motion Trigger Options
  • Panic, Fire, Medical & Police Buttons
  • Sirens, Bells & Horns
  • Emergency Lights & Flashers
  • Phone Intercom Panels & Speakers
  • Phone, Internet & Radio Monitoring

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